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This blog is for people who want to dance or teach easy fun dances. If you are a Community Dance LeaderSquare Dance Caller …  Round Dance CuerContra Dance PrompterLine Dance Teacher … Recreation LeaderSchool Teacher College ProfessorChurch Activities DirectorParent … etc. … this blog  is for you.

It is a source of dances and information about all the various forms of dance that can be learned and enjoyed by people who really don't have any desire to takes dance lessons.  It's the place to learn about where these dances are described, where to find music that will fit the dance and teaching hints on how to teach the dance.

Are you looking for dances for children in grade K-4?  We'll show you how to find them and what dances work the best.

Are you looking for dances that teenagers will like?  You will be surprised at what a broad range to dances they will like.

Are you looking for dances that can be enjoyed by people in retirement communities?  You will find sources for these as well?

Are you planning activities for a wedding or class reunion or a retreat?  Yep!  We can point you the right direction to fullfill your needs.

Maybe you and some friends are just looking for something to do that will get you off the couch and away from the TV.  Community Dancing is the perfect choice.  It's easy, it's fun, and it's good exercise.

Do you homeschool your children?  Dancing is classified as a physical activity.  Community Dancing will fill the physical education requirement.

Come read and look and learn.  Welcome to Dancing for Busy People.


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  1. steve minkin says:

    I have a huge school contract coming up at the beginning of the year, and I thought I’d share my program ideas here. I will be calling at Mill Valley Middle School, Monday through Friday, 8:20 – 3:30, pretty much non-stop as they wheel classes in and out of the gym, a total of just shy of 1,000 kids. I’ll be there for three weeks, did the same schedule a couple of years ago for two weeks. Hardest part for me is adjusting to getting up at an hour just slightly after my normal bedtime, and joining the daily commute.

    Here’s my preliminary syllabus. Middle school. Feedback and suggestions welcome!


    Popcorn (I do this to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, as well as Hot Butter’s and Crazy Frog’s Popcorns)

    Electric Slide/ Elvira

    Macarena (I accelerate this one in stages, once they get it)

    Pata Pata

    Chocolate City Hustle (I use Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock&Roll)

    Extra Credit: Cowboy Cha Cha (I use Bonnie Tyler’s It’s a Heartache)


    Mexican Hat Dance (I use Mexican Hat Rock by The Applejacks (#16 pop, 1958)

    Freeze dance

    Bunny Hop

    Chicken Dance

    Hokey Pokey



    Patticake Polka (usually do this to Chet Atkins’ Barber Shop Rag)

    Jiffy Mixer

    Tennessee Wig Walk

    Big Right and Left Grand


    Virginia Reel (the whole catastrophe, with the Strip the Willow figure)

    OXO Reel


    Solomon Levi (Couples Promenade, Separate)

    Right and Left Grand/ Weave the Ring

    Grand Square

    Singing Call (I use a truncated version of Down On The Corner on Red Boot)

    Thread the Needle (2 or 3 squares together)

    Grapevine Twist

    Forward 6 & Back

    Rainbow Stroll


    As Couples Dancing (Conjoined Twins, two squares combined)

    Venus and Mars

    • steve minkin says:

      Gee, I didn’t intend for my school post to stay on Cal’s home page!

      So the contract above was very demanding, but also very satisfying. I wound up teaching 1,008 kids, 6-8 grades. Classes ranged from 24 to 109 students, good support from the PE staff, very favorably reviewed by the staff, principal and funding agency (http://kiddo.org/). The staff wanted the last two sessions to be devoted primarily to practicing the dances, styling and being graded (first time I’ve had kids tested on the dances), so we didn’t cover all that I had hoped for. But we did do Popcorn (to Boot Scootin’ Boogie), Macarena, Electric Slide, the whole Virginia Reel, Solomon Levi, Right and Left Grand, Grand Square, Rip’n’Snort, Mexican Hat Dance, Patticake Polka (to Chet Atkins), Tennessee Wig Walk, Jiffy Mixer, Thread the Needle, and As Couples Dancing. The teachers chose to test them on the Virginia Reel and the basic square dancing movements.

      I cut off the first 1’40” from the YMCA, trimming it down to a tidy 2’05” and eliminating some of the long free dance segments. Works well.

      Most memorable moment: I often have kids sing the tag lines for Solomon Levi as I call it — this year one of my student callers rendered “Oh, Solomon Levi” as “Osama Bin Levi!”

      Hated the commute, getting up at 5:30 to join the bumper to bumper Sisyphean crawl toward San Francisco. Was ready for it to end after three weeks of it, but would do it again in a heartbeat. Back now to calling for my five weekly clubs with a new school program kicking in next week, much easier schedule for me, a Montessori school in Petaluma, small classes, and they’ve already done all the stuff described above from my previous sessions there, we’ll be moving on.

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