Blog Year End Comments January 2, 2016 December 26, 2015 Calvin Campbell

In June of 2014, I started this blog about beginner dance parties and community dancing. 80 of you were interested enough to subscribe to the blog. In addition, the site has been visited 7000+ times in the last year and a half and several more people have requested an RSS feed. I have been told that is a very good record for a new blog.

When I started, I promised to not overload you with information. So far, there have been 90 posts. That is about one a week. I tried to provide a variety of topics. So far I have posted dances in 11+ different dance formations. This includes squares, contras, big circles, trios, line dances, sicilian circles, mixers, mescolanzas, and several gimmicks.

When possible, I included links to YouTube videos so you can see the dances being danced. I’ve provided links to music available from various sources. I have also provided links to written directions or provided the directions for the dance in the post. I have essentially done the research for you so you can quickly find what you need to teach each dance.

I believe the 90 subjects posted so far would provide enough material for any caller to become successful in presenting beginner dance parties. That said, the next goal is to provide dances and articles about community dancing. In addition, there is always the resource of the book named Dancing for Busy People.

It has been much fun for me. I have discovered a lot about what is being danced around the world. I’ve read and viewed many hundreds of dances and listened to hundreds of pieces of music searching for the best music for each dance. In addition, many of you have provided comments and leads to even more material. It’s been a real learning experience. I thank everyone for their contributions.

I believe we are just starting to scratch the surface of what is available for entertaining beginners and community dancers. If we can share information among all of us we can all become better teachers and entertainers.

If any of you have a subject or dance you would like to see discussed, let me know.

I encourage each of you to tell your friends and peers about this blog. I also encourage all of you to tell us about dances that you do for you beginner parties and community dances. Come join the conversation.

Any comments?