Cupid Shuffle Line Dance July 10, 2015 July 5, 2015 Calvin Campbell

This is probably a line dance that could just be just played at any beginner party these days and many of the dancers would know how it goes.  However, some of us still need to learn it.  I was one.

This dance was taught at the Community Dance Leader’s Seminar in 2015 by Dana Schirmer.  To see the video click here.  Several versions of the music can be downloaded from  Click here for samples.  I like the DJ version the best.  It has a solid beat to start the action of the dance.

While you are watching Dana’s, notice the black lady dancer.  Her name is Angel.  She walked into the CDLS while we were dancing and stayed for the rest of the day and returned the following morning.  She was a ball and, as you can see, she knew lots of cool moves.

I talked to her quite a while.  She teaches African dance.  She said she was going to take what she learned at the Community Dance Leader’s Seminar and set the dances to African music.  She bought “Dancing for Busy People” and I suspect many of the dances in that book are being taught to African music.

Here is one more clip to watch.  This clip shows several variations of the original dance.  There is even a lady with a cane that is doing some cool moves.

Here is the basic dance routine.

Cupid Shuffle

.1-8  To the Right Side/Close, Side/Close, Side/Close, Side/Touch

..9-16  To the Left Side/Close, Side/Close, Side/Close, Side/Touch

17-24  Kick Right, Kick Left, Kick Right, Kick Left.

26-32  Walk it out.  (Starting with the right foot turn 1/4 to face the next wall CCW in four short steps.)