Don’s Mescolanza April 14, 2015 April 21, 2015 Calvin Campbell

Mescolanza dances are done in normal facing lines of four.  The formation and arrangement are shown here.  This type of formation makes very good use of floor space.  You can dance a lot of people in a small hall.

Don’s Mescolanza was written by Don Armstrong and the dance is included in the book “Dancing for Busy People” along with 10 other mescolanza dances.  Thanks to a presentation of this dance by Susan Morris at the 2015 Community Dance Leader’s Seminar you can now see dancers in action on YouTube.  Click here.

This particular Mescolanza is not good for use at beginner parties.  The dancers will need a clear understanding of Right & Left Thru and Two Ladies Chain.  It is a very good dance to insert in a Community Dance program or even a MWSD where you can take the time to walk the dancers through the dance routine.

Don’s Mescolanza

….1-8  Right Hand Couples in facing lines of four face diagonally to the left and Right & Left Thru.

..9-16  Same Couples Right and Left Back.

17-24  Left hand couples in each line of four face diagonally to the right and Two Ladies Chain.

24-32  Same Ladies Chain Back.

33-40  Each couple Star Four with the couple in the opposite line of four.

41-48  Star Four back to original lines of four.

48-56  Lines of Four Forward and Back.  

57-64 Pass Thru two lines and stop facing the third line.

Note: As the dancers reach the ends of the formation, they Courtesy Turn or California Twirl.

Note for uses at MWSDs:  This is the formation that was used for progressive squares that were popular in the 1960s at Modern Western Square Dances.