T.B.C. Trio November 15, 2015 November 15, 2015 Calvin Campbell

T.B.C. Trio was written many years ago for the Texas Boy Choir by Bob Howell.  It was first presented at a workshop to teach the boys how to dance.  They were just used to just standing and singing.  Since then, the dance has been a favorite of mine for use at beginner dance parties.  If you click here, you can see a video of a teaching session I did at the Beginner Dance Party Leaders Seminar.  The dance is described in detail in Dancing for Busy People.

T.B.C. Trio

Bob Howell

Formation: Lines of three people facing lines of three people in a wagon spoke formation around the hall.  A diagram of this formation can be seen by clicking here.  It is the second diagram on the page.

Record: New Pretoria (Marching to Pretoria)  Click here to hear a sample of music.  This music is available from the Lloyd Shaw Foundation,  I have also used many other singing call records.


..1-16  The outside person in the lines facing counterclockwise around the hall is leader #1. They lead their line around the opposite three.

17-32  The outside person in the lines facing clockwise around the hall is leader #2. They lead their line around the opposite three.

33-40  The end four people make a Right Hand Star. The center people will have to step back out of the way a little.

41-48  The center people DoSaDo the facing center person in the opposite line.

49-56  Lines of three Forward & Back.

57-64  Pass Thru the facing line of three and move on to a new line of three.

Notes:  It really doesn’t make any difference which couple is designated as Couple #1 or Couple #2.  I also frequently substitute an Arm Turn for the DoSaDo.